"Conceptual Sequencing Process_ Configuration /8" - 2022

Conceptual Sequencing

Abstract Resonances at the limits of the visible.

Conceptual Sequencing investigates the complex dialectic between visible and invisible, an artistic operation of an almost philosophical nature, a visionary graphic representation of the process of conceptual sequencing of the specific symptoms of thought and language. Speech samples were depicted graphically in a sequence of ...


Mrs. Charles Eames_
The shadow does not bend.

"The Eames House Bird flew over the Cuckoo's nest / X"- 2021
"Francis Bacon_ Andy Warhol | Three Studies Posthumous for a Portrait" - 2021


Piero Manzoni 1961 Tribute

A Paradigm shift is urgently needed to replace the old Parallelepiped that supports the World.

"Le Corbusier_ Posthumous Self Portrait Study II" - 2021
"Anish Kapoor_ Oneir Self Portrait" - 2021



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